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Information Technology

There are three different design challenges that every major construction project must face with regard to technology:

1. The manner in which technology will be integrated into the project.

2. How technology will be managed over time.

3. How the infrastructure meets the ever-changing nature of technology and the demands of business.

Generally all IT (telecom, audiovisual, security, etc.) services are not made available by a single provider yet all of them share the same space within the facility or utilize some of the same cabling. Metropolitan Technologies can assist you and your team with the planning and infrastructure design for all IT services so they may be coordinated with and provided by multiple service providers.


Services include:
• Selection & specification of LAN (local area network) hardware
• IS Systems Management Design
• Data Centers
• Internet
• Extranet
• eCommerce
• Servers
• Desktop
• Mobile Computing
• Storage Systems (NAS, SAN)


Services include:
• WAN Equipment
• Metropolitan Area Ethernet (MAE)
• Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
• Carrier Services Selection (SLA, Design, Installation and coordination)


From Cell services to Hot Spots; from office access points to wireless access to entire cities, Metropolitan Technologies will design an infrastructure to support your needs. Wireless Internetworking Design services include: 802.11x, Free Space Optics (FSO), Cellular, Microwave, Satellite and emerging technologies


An information systems disaster recovery plan covers both the hardware and software required to run critical business applications, and their associated processes to transition smoothly in the event of a natural or intentional disaster. Disaster Recovery’s focus is on the immediate event at hand; while Business Continuity’s primary focus is regaining high level of operational functionality. Redundancy, reliability and fault tolerance are elements that we put into every facility we design. The consultants at Metropolitan Technologies also work with experts in cyber security with experience that spans from small data center redundancy to federal Government-sponsored Command & Control centers requiring 24/7 Mission Critical reliability.


Metropolitan Technologies brings to each data center project an understanding of the significant integration issues when designing a mission critical facility. Our project approach starts with space planning, system integration requirements and interior layouts of the facility itself. Space issues include human ergonomics design and planning with close coordination between technology trades and electrical engineers for power issues (UPS, Grounding System). In addition, Metropolitan Technologies has an understanding of the needs and requirements for coordination of architectural and acoustical elements, such as ceiling heights, lighting and interior and ambient noise. Finally, Metropolitan Technologies works very closely with the client to determine internal lines of communication, such as how employees and departments typically relate to each other, which departments report to others, etc. and applies this knowledge to our space planning and technology designs. Our firm prides itself on its ability to find innovative solutions to complex technical problems to design environments that will serve our clients well into the 21st century.

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