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The personnel responsible for Acoustics at Metropolitan Technologies have many years of combined experience. Our philosophy is to collaborate with all team members to ensure that all needs are met and all clients are extremely satisfied. When it comes to value engineering, we work with the team to find more cost effective solutions without compromising the acoustics of the room. Our clients have said that this is one of our most appealing qualities.



Room acoustics is the design or modification of shape and volume, furnishings and interior finishes achieving the proper sound for the room’s intended use. Sound isolation involves designing partitions, floor/ceilings, doors and windows to achieve the necessary acoustical separation between spaces.

At Metropolitan Technologies, we strive to balance intuitive skills and experience with science and analysis. Some of the more common acoustical parameters that we evaluate include reverberation, early and late reflections, echoes, focusing of sound, speech intelligibility, and speech privacy. We listen to our clients to provide them with acoustical designs tailored to the needs of the end user whether the facility is an auditorium, gymnasium, boardroom or courtroom.

For renovations or corrective applications, we have equipment in-house to conduct acoustical measurements. These measurements include reverberation time, 1/3 octave band frequency analysis, noise reduction testing, impact testing and background noise measurements. We also use the latest computer modeling software to evaluate critical spaces.


Noise is defined as "unwanted sound." Effective control of unwanted sound is essential in nearly every building, and it is always less costly and more effective to design the attenuation systems into a building while it is still in the design phase.

Noise and vibration from mechanical systems can be very disturbing to occupants of a building and can adversely affect spaces that require high speech intelligibility. After setting a design criterion level, we can recommend attenuation measures such as vibration isolators, duct design, silencers, and equipment location so that the criterion is met. We can also provide designs to acoustically isolate mechanical equipment rooms from the rest of the building.

Environmental noise has been increasing with the constant expansion of urban and suburban areas. Control of the noise often requires that state or municipal codes must be met. We can design building shells and exterior enclosures and barriers so that the sound level criterion is attained. We can also measure sound levels of existing equipment at the site.


Services include:
•Interior Room Acoustic Design and Analysis
•Interior Sound Isolation Design and Analysis
•Exterior Sound Isolation Design and Analysis
•MEP Noise Control Analysis
•Vibration Analysis and Control
•3-D Computer Modeling
•Environmental Assessments and Code Compliance
•Noise and Vibration Troubleshooting
•Multi-Family Residential Airborne and Impact Sound Analysis

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